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Support for the "Humanitarna Familija"

By coincidence, we have become aware of an organization, which is located not far from our apartments in Montenegro

The NGO "Humanitarna Familija" organized since 5 years for children with disabilities from all countries of the former Yugoslavia (Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, etc.) two times a year holiday at sea for 10 days. Amongst a number of apartment owners provide free accommodation capacity.

In long conversations we were able to get a closer view of both the organization and the children. Here the problems very quickly became apparent: There is a lack of money to feed the children. The organization is dependent on donations from the public, but this is all very difficult to calculate.

Our contribution

Spontaneously we have decided to support the "Humanitarna Familija".

Of each night in one of our apartments (Apartments Utjeha) is now € 1 per person and night given to the organization to enable the disabled children a holiday at the sea.

Together with the free created website and an appeal to other landlords, we hope that sufficient funds are now available to enable as many children a couple of nice days.

About 80% of children in her life has never been at the seaside.

We are firmly convinced that a luxurious holiday in one of our apartments and the simultaneous support of disabled children must be no conflict.