Attractions, excursions and activities in Montenegro

Beside beaches, Montenegro has a lot more to offer. Many natural attractions are unique and there is no shortage of superlatives. Enjoy e.g. the deepest canyon in Europe, the southernmost fiord, the largest lake on the Balkans and one of the last remaining jungles in Europe.

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Montenegro Beaches

Enjoy the beautiful beaches of Montenegro!

Within a few minutes from our holiday home you'll find the beautiful beach of Utjeha.

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Boat trip to the "Queens Beach"

Explore Montenegro from the sea-side!

An unforgettable experience - Perfect holiday feeling

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Boat ride on "Skadar Lake"

The largest lake on the Balkan Peninsula

National Park since 1983 - Worth seeing!

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Whitewater rafting on Tara river

Nature, adventure and adrenalin!

Experience action and unique landscape

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Railway journey and Morača canyon

Ride over the highest railway bridge in Europe!

A whole new way to discover Montenegro

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Sightseeing flight over the coast

The montenegrin coast from the bird's eye view!

Breathtaking views - do not miss it

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Scuba Diving in Montenegro

Spectacular wrecks , caves and reefs

Montenegro's underwater world is worth a visit!

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Bicycle tour through the Salina

Flamingos in Montenegro? Of course!

Birdwatching tours in the saltworks of Ulcinj

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Tito's Residence Villa Galeb Igalo

Visit the residence of President Tito

An interesting and eventful trip!

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National parks

Five areas in Montenegro have the status of national parks:

Lovćen, Durmitor, Biogradska Gora, Skadarsko Jezero, Prokletije

Their natural and cultural values are presented in visitors centers, and opportunities for active recreation are numerous. Besides the marked walking, hiking and biking trails, in the parks you can find thematic, educational and wine paths. There is also sports fishing, cruising, camping, adventure park, rent-a-bungalow...

National Park Skadar Lake

With the area ranging from 370 to 530 square kilometers, depending on the water level, Skadar Lake is the biggest lake in the Balkans. Due to its geographic position and sub Mediterranean climate, it is one of the most important habitats of swamp birds in Europe, right after the river Danube delta. There are around 280 bird species on the lake, including the rare curly pelican, which became a trademark of the National Park.

National Park Lovćen

The lowest point of the National Park Lovćen is the crossroads in Krstac - 965 m above the sea level, while the highest is the peak Štirovnik - 1.749 m above the sea level, which is also the highest peak of the mountain Lovćen. The Park encompasses central and the highest part of Lovćen massif, covering the area of 6.400 hectares.

National Park Biogradska Gora

Greatest natural value of this park is the rainforest Biogradska gora, which covers the area of 1600 ha and is one of the last three rainforests in Europe. In 1878, it was donated to the then ruler of Montenegro, duke Nikola and from then on it remained – as a "duke’s reserve" – under the state protection. The park has 26 plant communities with around 2.000 species and subspecies. Out of over 200 bird species, particularly interesting is the imperial eagle.

National Park Durmitor

National Park encompasses the basic mountain massif of Durmitor, parts and areas of the lakes and Piva mountain, upper parts of canyon valleys Grabovica and Komarnica, canyon valley of the river Tara and canyons of its confluences - Sušica, Vaškovska river and Draga. Park area amounts 39.000 hectares, stretched on the territory of five municipalities: Žabljak, Šavnik, Plužine, Mojkovac and Pljevlja.

National Park Lovćen - 360° View