Boat ride through the National Park "Skadar Lake"

The largest lake on the Balkan Peninsula - National Park since 1983

The lake is 48 km long, 14 km wide and is located approximately 2/3 in Montenegro and about 1/3 in Albania.

About 20 endemic animal and plant species are native here. Approx. 280 species of birds live here. One of them is the rare Dalmatian pelican, which became the symbol of the National Park.

The shore of the lake is dominated by old towns with historical centers and special architecture. Virpazar and Rijeka Crnojevića are settlements, into which tradionelle food is served. The outback is known by the best wine of Montenegro.

Discover all the beauty and unique nature on a boat ride on the Skadar Lake. During the 4 hour long tour you have the opportunity to marvel at the cultural and historical heritage of the region and to pamper your palate with regional dishes.

An ideal trip for families with children!

Details about the trip

  • Dates: Weekly from April to November
  • Start: according to the arrangement
  • Duration: 4h tour
  • Participants: min. 4 people

The island "Grmožur"

The fortress on the island Grmožur was formerly built by the Turks, however, had already been conquered a few years later by the Montenegrins.

Shortly thereafter, she was transformed into a prison.

Here, King Nikola I. imprisoned political opponents - primarily non-swimmers.

Therefore, the island is known to locals as well as the "Montenegrin Alcatraz".

Today, the island, as well as the entire Skadar Lake, is an important breeding ground for native birds as well as resting and breeding place for migratory birds from Northern Europe.

Skadar Lake - 360° View