Scuba Diving in Montenegro

The Adriatic coast of Montenegro is ideal for scuba diving and has recently become one of the most interesting diving destinations in Europe.

Numerous historical wrecks but also steep limestone reefs, spectacular caves and archaeological sites are easily accessible for recreational divers.

Together with our partner dive center we offer our guests professional diving trips and diving courses (PADI Diving Center). The dive center is located in the port of Bar and is thus only a few minutes drive from the Montenegro Apartments in Utjeha.

We are can also organize complete packages for groups.

Many of the most interesting dive sites and dive sites are nearby and can be easily reached.

Details about the trip

  • Dates: Daily from April to November
  • Start: 09:30h from Utjeha or 10:00h Marina Bar
  • Duration: Full-day tour
  • Participants: according to the arrangement

Dive sites nearby (selection)

Wreck "Dague"

Built in 1911, the Dague was one of the most famous ships of the French Navy. The ship was anchored at the port of Bar on February 25 in 1915 and due to strong winds at midnight it hits an Austro-Hungarian mine and sunk.

During the rebuilding of the Port of Bar in 1973, the wreck was cut into several pieces and moved to its current location. Large parts of the ammunition are still in the wreckage. The Dague is one of the most popular dive sites in the region.

  • Depth: 18m
  • Bottom: sand
  • View: very good

Cave "Mikovica"

The Mikovica Cave is located near Bigovica Bay and can be reached in just 20 minutes by boat. The cave is named after its discoverer, a passionate diver from the bar.

The total length of the cave is about 150 meters. The 10 meter wide entrance is at 7 meters depth. The width decreases in the interior of the cave. At the end of the cave you can see numerous stalagmites and flaming red rocks. The depth is only 4-5 meters there, but this dive is not recommended for inexperienced divers. An extraordinary experience for cave lovers!

  • Depth: 7m
  • Bottom: sand
  • View: very good

Steamship "Skenderbeg"

The steamship Skenderbeg was built in 1916 in Trieste and carried passengers on the route from Rijeka Crnojevica to Skadar in Albania. During World War II, the ship was sunk by partisans in February 1942 near Karuč.

The ship is at a depth of 8-12 meters and it is in good condition. During the boat trip to the dive site, you also have the opportunity to explore the nature of the Skadar Lake National Park.

  • Depth: 12m
  • Bottom: sand
  • View: Depending on the season, 4-10m