Sightseeing flight: Montenegro from bird's eye view

A unique experience - do not miss it !

The southern coastal region of Montenegro is very popular by tourists. In January 2010, the New York Times announced that the southern coast of Ulcinj - including Velika Plaža and Ada Bojana - belongs to the "Top 31 Places to Go in 2010" as part of a worldwide ranking of tourism destinations.

Take a look to this attractive region from the sky, on board of an ultralight aircraft.

From the airport "Donji Štoj" in Ulcinj you will start your 30-minute long flight in the direction of Ada Bojana and will have a wonderful panoramic view over the estuary of the River Ada and the 13 km-long sandy beach Velika Plaža. Now you continue on the coast and fly over Port Milena and Ulcinj's old town with its imposing fortress and the "little beach" (Mala Plaža). The view will amaze you!

You have opted for a 60-minute flight? Then we go from here to the north and you get a fantastic view over the Bay of Valdanos with its olive groves. The flight takes you to the bay of Utjeha and even up to "Veliki Pijesak" in Dobra Voda .

With our action camera we record the flight on video for you. Take your memories of this experience home with you!

Details about the trip

  • Dates: Daily from April to November (depending on wind)
  • Start: according to the arrangementha
  • Duration: flexible

Island Ada Bojana

The island Ada Bojana is situated in the extreme south of Velika Plaža, at the end of the river Bojana. Emerging on the water surface, the island has divided the river into two branches and they even got a triangular shape: 2,8 km long, 1,8 km wide and 3,4 m high. The island is connected by a bridge above the river with the mainland.

On the banks are wooden houses with special fishing devices - Kalimeren, that remind by her unusual looks more like an exotic landscape of the Far East.

The island is a oasis of peace and relaxation. Their dense and rich flora makes them so special and converts them into a special kind of micro-ecological space.

On this river island is also the nudist settlement "Ada Bojana", ready to delight the lovers and followers of the naked body of a total contact with nature. Many of them come back again and again to Ada.

Ulcinj - 360° View