Whitewater Rafting on Tara - Pure nature and adventure

Varied action and unique nature

The canyon of the river Tara is 1330 m deep and is the deepest canyon in Europe and the second deepest in the world (after the Grand Canyon in Colorado). A large part of Tara is located in the "Durmitor National Park," which on 4 September 1980 was appointed a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Early in the morning we leave for Šćepan Polje, the starting point of the rafting tour. Passing Podgorica and Danilovgrad, in about half of the distance, we approach the city Nikšić (known by the popular beer "Nikšićko Pivo" ), where we take a short coffee break. We pass now Plužine and drive along the imposing Piva dam. The Piva dam is about 33 km long and covers an area of 12.5 km².

The panorama on the last 20 km is unique and will inspire you. Over 60(!) tunnels has to be passed on that way. Shortly after the dam Mrjatinje we make a brief photo stop at the Piva Bridge and then reach our destination, where the breakfast is already waiting for us.

Re-covered and strengthened, we get our gear and drive by jeep to the starting point in Brštanovica. After a short briefing by experienced guides the Tara adventure begins.

The rapids at Borovi, Varda, Celje and Vjernovića bring unforgettable pure action. In between, we make breaks for photography and swimming. After about 13 km (or about 3-4 hours), we reach the end point at the Bosnian border.

There is already prepared our lunch. Classic Montenegrin dishes, homemade and traditional cooked on the open flame quench our hunger.

Now it is time for the return journey and we will reach the coast in time for sunset.

Details about the trip

  • Dates: Weekly from April to August (depending on waterlevels)
  • Start: 6:00h from Utjeha
  • Duration: Full-day tour

The "Tear of Europe"

The wildest, the most beautiful and clearest mountain river in Montenegro, also called "The Tear of Europe", originates in Komovi (1250 m) and flows through its canyon 144 kilometers up to Šćepan Polje (433 m) where it (along with the Piva River) is getting the "Drina" - one of the longest and water-richest rivers of southeast Europe.

The Djurdjevica Tara Bridge is about 25 kilometers by car east of Zabljak between the villages Budečevica and Tresnjica at an altitude of about 780 meters above sea level and spans at the narrowest point in 150 meters altitude the canyon of the river Tara. The bridge is named by the village Djurdjevica Tara.

The bridge was built in 1938 to plans by Mijat S. ​​Trojanović and opened for traffic in November 1940. The building was one of Europe's largest reinforced concrete arch bridges for traffic and is about 350 meters long.

The most attractive part of the Tara Canyon, 90 km long (from Šljivanskog to Šćepan Polje), is full of rapids (about 50 km), wild creeks, waterfalls and forests with many trees that are centuries old and can be high up to 50 meters.

Virtual Tour - 360° View

Piva Lake - 360° View