Wintering in Montenegro - Very pleasant!

It is probably familiar to you: It's the end of October, fewer and fewer people go for holiday in Europe, the season is drawing to a close and the locals have a little time to recover from the tourists.

However, there are people who only come to Montenegro when all the tourists have left the country. Not for two weeks to spend a cheap holiday - No, most of them remain there for 3-4 months and spend the whole winter far from home.

There are many reasons for that. First of all, spending the winter in Montenegro is relatively inexpensive and the weather still offers very pleasant temperatures.

For if we shiver in Germany in January or February, you can usually use a thin jacket in Montenegro. And also for health reasons, many people spend the winter in Montenegro, because the Mediterranean climate relief of rheumatic symptoms. 

Landscape but also cultural Montenegro offers some off-season attractions. And Christmas and New Year can be celebrated nice in Montenegro. In Podgorica and Bar you will find many opportunity for shopping as well.

In winter, Montenegro is a paradise for those who want to escape from the cold and wet winter in Germany and looking for a little rest. Especially cyclists and hikers can enjoy holiday, they have almost the whole country to themselves. The country offers bikers and hikers imposing mountains, spectacular canyons, evergreen forests, idyllic beaches and Mediterranean climate. An extensive network of marked hiking and biking trails spanning over 6,000 kilometers.

Unlike many other „apartments” are our flats are fully equipped for a luxurious and comfortable winter-time: Modern radiators in every room make a pleasant and comforting environment, even if the sun does not shine.

For long-term guests and overwinterers we have special offers, which are calculated according to your individual needs. Also it is possible to get cheap flights to Montenegro and the car-rental prices are very attractive as well.

Just contact us. We are happy to help and support.

The climate in Bar

The climate is Mediterranean and mild. The vegetation is subtropical. The winter at the coast is mild and without snow. At the beginning of autumn, the climate is usually very mild and spring starts early.

The old town of Bar

The Old Town of Bar is situated at the foot of Mount Rumija, on a steep cliff inaccessible from three sides. It seems that inaccessibility and a spring of drinking water were the reasons why Old Bar was, unlike other town on the coast, built at a distance of 5km from the coast.

This town, whose inhabitants earned their living from craftwork, trade and olive processing was built through the centuries. The oldest, medieval parts of the town are on a protruding ridge, where the town gate from the 9th-11th centuries with facades from the 14th century built during Byzantine rule can be found. In the 15th century the Venetians took over rule of the town, and a century later the Turks came and stayed there until the late 19th century.

The following religious buildings can be found there:

  • The Church of St. Teodor from the 9th century that was later named the Church of St. Djordje
  • The Church of St. Marko from the 13th century
  • The Church of St. Veneranda from the 14th century

Stari Bar - 360° View