Towards carbon neutral tourism in Montenegro...

Reduce your carbon footprint

Friends of Low Carbon Montenegro

Join us and reduce your CO2 footprint! "Friends of Low Carbon Montenegro" is a voluntary initiative to reduce CO2 emissions and fight climate change. A simple way to compensate the unavoidable emissions.

Your donation counts! With every €uro we are closer to finalizing these sustainable tourism projects in Montenegro:

  • Solar powered passenger boats
  • Longer bicycle paths
  • Solar benches / smart bus stops

We are proud to participate in the pilot phase of this project and happy to offer our guests the opportunity for CO2 compensation.

The Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) allowing hereby individuals to reduce their CO2 footprint while investing in local sustainable projects.

The "EU Ecolabel Communication Award" goes to.... Apartments UTJEHA in Montenegro!

EU Ecolabel Communication Award
EU Ecolabel Communication Award 2013

Exactly one year after receiving the European Ecolabel, again an important european award goes to Montenegro.

The annual "EU Ecolabel Communication Award" recognises outstanding achievement of Ecolabel licence holders in increasing public awareness and knowledge of EU Ecolabel through marketing and promotional campaigns.

The jury of the European Commission assessing in addition to quality and creativity of the results obtained. The full integration of the European eco-label in all marketing and promotional campaigns and activities to establish the model of the EU Ecolabel in Montenegro were crucial for winning the prestigious trophy.

"Green" travel?

EU Ecolabel Montenegro
Handing over of the EU Ecolabel in the Life-Ministry in Vienna by the Austrian Federal Environment Minister Niki Berlakovich (February 2012)

Treading lightly on holiday. Taking a trip doesn’t have to mean destroying the wildlife and polluting a river. Often located in pleasant but fragile surroundings, tourist accommodations can place a large burden on water and energy resources. Local species are also at risk through habitat loss, careless human activities and improper waste disposal. Accommodations can make environmental improvements in a number of different areas to qualify for the Ecolabel. The European Ecolabel lets you know that your accommodation is:

  • efficient with the energy it uses;
  • respectful of the natural environment.

So whether you’re looking for a comfortable accommodation, the Ecolabel can guide you to one that respects the environment by using renewable energy, saving water, reducing waste, and educating its staff in eco-friendly behaviour. Simply said, Eco-labelled holiday facilities are better by nature.

The choice for health and value

The accommodations in the house "Apartments UTJEHA" are honored with the "EU Ecolabel for tourism operators."

As the first private landlord in Montenegro, we have received the highest award of the European Commission (Reg.Nr. AT/25/079).

Our efforts to reduce environmental impact:

  • We are increasingly buying products with an eco-label
  • We train our staff in resource-saving and environmentally friendly behavior
  • We inform our guests about ways to support our environmental objectives and about the European Ecolabel
  • We collect data on the consumption of energy, water, chemicals and the volume of waste and use this information for internal business optimization

These measures and areas are important to us:

  • Information to our guests, employees and the public about our environmental activities
  • Motivation of our employees to be environment friendly action through regular training and opportunities to actively participate in the environmental program
  • Inviting the guests to participate actively in the implementation of our environmental program
  • Efficient use of energy and water
  • Prevention of waste through conscious purchasing products
  • Reduce traffic congestion by providing information and services for guests and employees / staff
  • Prevention of water pollution through efficient use of environmentally friendly detergents and cleaning agents
  • Avoid polluting and hazardous substances in construction and renovation work
  • Use of food from the region as well as organically grown
  • Purchase of products having an environmental award
  • Increase the satisfaction of our guests high quality service

More information about eco labels

On the following pages you will find further information about European and national environmental lables.

The EU Ecolabel (in german language):

European Commission:

Austrian environmental label:

German environmental label "Blue Angel":

EU Ecolabel - Info Brochure

The EU Ecolabel Certificate

EU Ecolabel

The European Ecolabel, the highest award from the European Commission, distinguishes products that meet high standards of both performance and environmental quality.

Every product awarded the European Ecolabel must pass rigorous environmental fitness trials, with resultsverified by an independent body.

Other environmental labels cover specific environmental concerns such as recyclability or energy efficiency, but the Flower of the European Ecolabel stands for low environmental impacts throughout aproduct’s life cycle - from manufacturing to disposal. Consumers can find it across the European Union, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland.

Support for the "Humanitarna Familija"

By coincidence, we have become aware of an organization, which is located not far from our apartments in Montenegro

The NGO "Humanitarna Familija" organized since 5 years for children with disabilities from all countries of the former Yugoslavia (Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, etc.) two times a year holiday at sea for 10 days. Amongst a number of apartment owners provide free accommodation capacity.

In long conversations we were able to get a closer view of both the organization and the children. Here the problems very quickly became apparent: There is a lack of money to feed the children. The organization is dependent on donations from the public, but this is all very difficult to calculate.

Our contribution

Spontaneously we have decided to support the "Humanitarna Familija".

Of each night in one of our apartments (Apartments Utjeha) is now € 1 per person and night given to the organization to enable the disabled children a holiday at the sea.

Together with the free created website and an appeal to other landlords, we hope that sufficient funds are now available to enable as many children a couple of nice days.

About 80% of children in her life has never been at the seaside.

We are firmly convinced that a luxurious holiday in one of our apartments and the simultaneous support of disabled children must be no conflict.